Max Charge Mode should not be enabled from start

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When using a Type 2 Ohme it starts max charging as soon as powered on, before it has connected to the mobile network and communicated with the server to download the charging schedule. If it successfuly obtains the schedule it switches to 'smart mode' and stops charging, however this can take more than a minute and could be during 4-7pm peak rate. Worse, if it fails to download the schedule (which has happened a number of times) it remains in 'max charge mode'. The Ohme should not initiate max charge mode from power on and should only do so after failing to retrieve the schedule and prompting the user to acknowledge by pressing the button on the unit as this should be an exception situation not the norm.

Under consideration Suggested by: Graham T Upvoted: 11 Nov Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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